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Watch Summer mix

Summer is coming, the girls should have been particularly pleased, not only can wear different kinds of skirts, shorts, full body, but also can be suitable to wear different styles of ornaments. Of course, men have to wear a watch needs special attention, because the summer so you watch impossible to hide, how to match the image will have an impact, and now the trend of fashion watches is the darling of the fashion show from the big, T-Taiwan show , and then to a small ceremony on the street you will see a wide variety of watches. I'm not a fashion person, but I saw some comrades took the watch is a little awkward, so today I will talk about how to wear watches for you summer image points,some watches with leather watchband can be very fashion .

Selden Women's Watch 1 Number and Strips Hour Marks with Oval Dial Leather Watchband (Brown)
Try to choose thin section

If you are a tall, strapping men do not read this if you are a lady, then we must look, ladies summer's first choice is to slim styles of watches, quartz watches can be selected, relatively thin.
Colors make you more dazzling and diverse

Summer, hot weather, people tend to feel anxious, then your wrist properly add color also feel more pleasure watching himself, recommended the ceramic material of the watch, various colors and gives a little easier with a fresh feeling.

Sinobi Men's Brown Leather Watch with Numeral 3/6/9/12 Indicate Time Golden Case
Pure white or black

Summer can try pure white watch, white is the most popular color, and very good with clothes. Black is the universal color oh.
Road to Jane

Watch something more simple the more complex high-end feel, simple visual styles of watches gives no pressure, suitable for summer wear.
Following this watch is very suitable for girls to wear in the summer, oh. Noble, elegant, and most importantly, it's price is very good, oh.

Trendy MINGBO B005 Black Round Dial Quartz Hours Analog Wrist Watch for Male - Golden

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Even before the arrival of summer shoes first

Press the solar calendar calculation, it should be in mid-April, the climate is mild and rainy late spring, but the actual weather conditions but clearly people feel the advent of summer, sinister sun, high temperatures close to 30 °, are all summer only scenes. Amy's sister paper are actually happy, but also to be barelegged season, sandals, beautiful dress first.

Click here to buy - Casual Solid Color Lace Up Stud Design Men's Combat Boots

01 close to the color nude color shoes with legs extended role in the design of high-heeled pumps dew instep's dual role, legs slender lines would not immune. Embossed lace pattern art strong, warm pastel shades also conveys a sense of supreme luxury.

02 simple and lack a sense of solid design with little white dress with sandals suitable, clean and fresh, with a classical woman has the bookish and freshness. Nostalgic fastener that is designed with a strong retro feel, like most of the pair steal a child through aunt's sandals. T-shaped legs with extending the role, but also can be modified too thin instep.

03 Pointed representatives are elegant and sophisticated with a cute round shoe compared to a more aristocratic temperament. Popular summer and bright surface with cream, eye-catching eye-catching, feet become the highlight of the overall mix. Heel stitching pieces of metal, in the shape of the sweet cream flavor color inject tough and perseverance.

Click here to buy - Casual Solid Color Inner Sole Belt Rivet Design Women's Boots

04 spring and summer should have floral embellishment, vivid three-dimensional flowers embellished toe, fresh neighbor's temperament comes out immediately. Natural rustic burlap wrapped heel adds a bit of literary temperament and holiday atmosphere, with bohemian dress will have exotic.

05 stitching heel, delicate lace, create works of art with a mind to build a pair of shoes, including expansive obvious. Weaving and printing splicing heel high water table, level exotic, elegant white lace vamp color will set off a distinct sense of elegance.

06 dazzling red rose thick but not strong enough to draw attention to the meticulous care of your feet, but not so snatched the entire body with the limelight. Subtle elegance fold shape bow shape, soft and gentle trace of sweet little woman full of flavor.

Click here to buy - [b]Elegant Fashion and Solid Color Stiletto Heel Buckle Design Women's Platform Pumps

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7 of the Swarovski crystal necklace refracted glory of love

The body moist Jiaohan Bear necklace, delicate cuts to bring people the ultimate surprise, and also connected to a woman's lovely, beautiful and shy, some necklace can be very fashion and trendy so you can buy many necklaces for your wardrobe.

Popular Delicate Man-Made Natural Shell Owl Pendant Necklace Chain (White)
Delicate rhodium-plated Light Amethyst crystal butterfly dazzling, the two wings of the butterflies have a diamond decoration, more vivid.
How can we express love strong, nothing more than that a hot beating heart for love. The necklace is a beautiful Rose cut crystal heart and a crystal butterfly composition, flashing mysterious romantic glory.
Two cherries with a ruby-colored crystal crystal olive leaf, elegant hanging necklace, lively it is suitable for the sweet girl, and you can buy some sweet necklace for fun.

Chic Ombre Rhinestoned Waterdrop Pendant Necklace
Traditional Christmas cookies shapes themed ornaments shining Golden Shadow, Crystal exudes a unique luster, hanging on white ribbon romantic and charming.
The sets of chain has a romantic name called fly together, the two chains to the shape of the wings, exquisite charming clear crystal fine chic, keep an own, the other one gave her dear.
The purple hedgehog necklace compact, crystal hedgehog wearing a violet blue flowers, lovely black eyes and nose, gave the same lovely, she looks exceptionally dazzling.

Popular Fashion Man-Made Two Hollow Spherical Pendant Necklace with Rhinestone Sweater Chain (Golden)

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Liangshan beauty bag with show

Bags and clothing with, if the random number, if not do not see the past, but not always easy to color. Do not forget, the shape of the bag, but one of the protagonists, its coordination with clothing or not, but decided to form a key part of high and low levels. Xiaobian specially compiled more common in spring and summer styling combinations with bags, I believe can make your dress more with less, and women's tote bags also very trendy.

Click here to buy - Casual Trendy Stitching and PU Leather Design Women's Tote Bag

01 This spring doomed romance, because fashion lace and chiffon filling the dream atmosphere. Exquisite design and comfortable wearing feel people love it, it is little requirement on the body, which is sweet and pleasant little fresh, you are a big fan of it do?

02 small fresh style of dress with woven bag, not only from the component echoes the spring on the light, but also underscores the spring and summer cool feeling. Eye-catching fluorescent color edging so rustic straw bag has become Western style up, a rare type of bucket bag dumplings degree to accommodate the surge Tachun outing of God is most suitable for horse friends!

03 leather woven bag can enhance the texture of small fresh style, from the visual to play a balanced role in the complex with bright colors and then not feel frivolous. Quaint clamshell rounded shape has from natural calm temperament, to go from a small fresh retro!

Click here to buy - Polka Dot small lapel chiffon shirt

04 MM who love college wind mostly pure mind, looks sweet and with a hint of pedantry. Shirts, knitted cardigan, pleated skirt is institute wind MM &quot;gold partner&quot;, a small lapel hot elements, leaving more than a cute shirt reasons.
Click here to purchase - British retro messenger bags

05 The popularity of messenger bags to students with foreign universities favorite tied up dry line, so the wind modeling messenger bags become the best choice for college is not surprising. Classic buckle and flip combination with a rounded shape Founder reveal a trace of rigorous classes loaded textbooks, notes very appropriate, also happens to travel on weekdays to accommodate the necessary small things, and will not in the big bag empty in embarrassment, and you may find many handbags from fashoin online stores.

Click here to buy - Retro Casual Color Block Rivet and Cartoon Design Women's Handbag

06 will be replaced by a single buckle design Twill is more delicate and elegant, mellow and full clamshell arc seems to be smiling, and MM originally very sweet and friendly temperament commensurate. Can also be portable single shoulder bag with multi-use, fully meet the needs of different occasions.
Pastoral Vs Backpack

07 Speaking of Seclusion pastoral style, ultimately Floral existence. Like a blooming wildflowers blooming all over the mountains, pure and lovely, filling the girl's romantic. Smart and elegant multi-flounced hem, cleverly conceal imperfect Tunxing, to create retro Sen female style.

08 Perhaps the idyllic impression is that the wind with a deflated deflated canvas shoulder bag, right? Do not you want to make your garden more texture wind do? So Xiaobian strongly recommend you Komori women who with leather shoulder bag, both were quiet ease, but also enhance modeling component, bling bling rivet shine in the sun, literary young woman breath gradually fermentation.

09 even simply hit the color with shape, than ordinary canvas material would be far more texture. Shoulder bags are always well-behaved than the other models more youthful, but also more convenient when you walk in the full liberation of hands trekking, pastoral style is so lazy do not want the freedom of easy life do?

10 cool range of children in Europe and America must find a gas field &quot;hold is maintained,&quot; the beauty of it little girls to be consistent Wen Wanxiu gas Asian and Western fusion handsome Hideo was so wonderful. Crisp little leather, fashion degree bright blue broken table, a spring incarnation seductive blue lightning.

11 European and American style, resolutely and with nothing to do can be fragile little Scattered stakeholders, long-legged stride stride Angtou chest is the last word! Dynamic tassel bag Europe and the wind has thus become a loyal follower, and only it can perform these chic comfortable style was so uninhibited.

Click here to buy - Casual PU Leather Small Size and Bucket Pattern Design Women's Cross-Body Bag

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Skirt and necklace mix of methods

Both wear a sweater or dress, if appropriate with a necklace, are icing on the cake embellishment. Today, teach your skirt and necklace with several ways to help you create the most personal style of self:

01 loose fit dress with heavy necklace with texture, such as black and white to match pearl long chain, revealing a bit in the winter Smart shining points of light, and you can choose many kinds of finger rings to make you fashion


Cute Style Rhinestone Embellished Kitten Shape Women's Finger Ring
02 gold and black is the perfect match to each other highlights, the most suitable black dress with gold necklace with a minimalist style, streamlined and stylish to see you!

03 waist Slim dress most suitable style atmosphere, natural charm pendant necklace, you can buy some cute earrings to match your necklace.


Fashionable Rhinestone Embellished Mask Shape Women's Stud Earrings
04 If the dress as a whole, especially in the upper body design with a lateral cut the lines and lines, be sure to match the necklace to balance the visual vertical decorate.

05 bright dress fit with with some embellishment and trinkets necklace, wearing a cute style, some necklace are very beatiful and you can buy them from many online stores.

Stylish and Sweet Colorful Stereo Carrousel Shape Pendant Necklace

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